Grating Fastener Company History

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How Grating Fasteners became an industry leader in fastening grating to structural shapes.

In 1986, an oil field construction foreman decided he needed an easier way to attach grating to structures. He had used all the conventional methods — drilling and tapping the structure, welding directly to the structure or shooting studs into the structure – but he wanted a clamp that was easy to install. His first thought was to use a saddle clip on a C-shaped flat bar. The flat-bar deformed and the clip didn’t have the holding strength needed for the job.

Looking for a better way, he teamed-up with a design engineer and co-owner of a small machine shop in Harvey, La. Together, they created the G-Clip, a clamp that could be installed from atop the grating surface. The unique fastener consisting of three parts: The top plate, designed with a stamped indentation for beam strength; the grip-jaw, designed with two legs that connect to the under-side of the structure; and the screw, cut to an appropriate length for the grating thickness. The clip worked like a C-clamp and was strong enough to fasten the grating to the structure without deforming.

In 1987, Grating Fasteners was created to manufacture and distribute “G-Clips”, a unique line of fasteners and engineered products for the construction industry.

The “G-Clips” line of fasteners not only provide a variety of clamps for attaching all types grating to structural shapes, it also includes a group of engineered products for mounting items to grating and for clamping parallel gratings together for a secure and level grating surface.

For more than 30 years, Grating Fasteners has worked with grating manufacturers, steel service centers, and fastener houses to provide fasteners for construction jobs, large and small. As a company, Grating Fasteners is proud to provide “Made in America” fasteners for all types industries. From oil refineries, chemical plants, and power plants, to water treatment facilities, bridges, and even the International Space Station, Grating Fasteners has been a manufacturer of quality fasteners you can count on. With tens of millions of “G-Clips” sold throughout the world, Grating Fasteners continues to be the industry leader for quality and reliability.