Grating Clips that
Withstand the Test of Time
Grating Fastener G-Clips
are used in Oil Refineries
Our Clips can be found in the International Space Station
The Bellagio Fountains
Anheuser-Busch and Many More Locations
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G-Clips Grating Fasteners are an innovative solution for attaching all types of grating.

G-Clips Grating Fasteners attach grating securely and easily, from above, with hand tools, no cutting, tapping or drilling required.

All of our products are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A. See our certificate of origin here.

G-Clip Material Specification & Warranty

G-Clips Grating Fasteners
Fasten grating to steel structures from above with hand tools; no drilling, bolting or welding.
Saddle Clips
The traditional method of attaching grating to structural members can be drilled or bolted to beams.
G-Clip tops for Saddle Clips
G-Clip tops provide more hold down strength and vibration resistance than typical saddle clips.
engineered products
We have a variety of innovative engineered G-Clips products to solve any grating fastener problem.

The ONLY Tool Needed!

Easy InstallationThe only tool needed to install G-Clips!
G-Clips Grating Fasteners attach grating securely and easily, from above, with hand tools. No cutting, tapping or drilling required.

Grating clip grating fasteners are also very easy to install.

Each connection can be made in just minutes using simple hand tools. Beyond easy of installation, and unlike traditional bar grating attachment methods, the grating fastener can be removed to allow access to areas below the grating. Whether used for temporary or permanent installations of bar grating, you’ll appreciate the ability to remove the fastener.

Grating Fasteners (also known as Grating Clips and G-Clips) are simple fasteners that allow bar grating to be attached to steel structures without the need for drilling or welding. There are many advantages to using grating fasteners. Grating fasteners are safer because they don’t require dangerous welding or drilling. This is also perfect for industrial environments where drilling and welding is not allowed. In many cases there is no stoppage of work and no special permits which save real time and money.

Fast & Dependable Installation
Easy 3 Step Process:

  1. Drop the g-clip into place
  2. Slide the g-clip forward
  3. Tighten the g-clip


The vibration test was conducted in house. The machine was designed and built by Mr. Jerry Correll, a design engineer and previous owners of Grating Fasteners.

The machine features an electric motor fastened to a base weighing approximate 40 pounds. The shaft from the motor to the shaking table provides a 1 inch stroke. The LED readout shows strokes per minute. There are two G-Clip fasteners used to secure the grating and counter weights (40 pounds) to the shaking table. The G-Clips are torqued to 120 inch pounds. At over 800 strokes per minute, as you can see, there is no movement of the grating from its fastened location to the table.