Dear Customer –

Please fill out the following pages of our Credit Application and submit it to our Accounting Office. Be sure to supply current email addresses or current fax numbers for each reference you supply, including your bank.

Once we receive 2-3 “good” responses from your references, we will contact you to let you know your company has been approved with Net 30 terms.

*We are required, by the State of Louisiana’s Department of Revenue & Taxation, to keep a copy of our Customer’s Sales Tax Exemption Certificate on file. When you return your credit application, via mail. If your company is not Sales Tax Exempt, we ask that you inform us, so that we may update your account to reflect that for future orders.

We value your business & look forward to supplying you with all of your Grating Fastener needs for the years to come.


Sara Becknel
Accounting Department
Grating Fasteners
Phone. 504-362-9059
Fax 504-362-9059
gfacct@gclips corn

Grating Fasteners
P. O. Box 610
Harvey, LA 70059

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