Attach T-Bar Fiberglass Grating to Structural Shapes.

G-Clip model ALGG is an aluminum grating fastener used to fasten 19-space bar grating to structural shapes, where the structural flange is in a horizontal plane. G-Clip model ALGG fastener consists of three parts, which are assembled at the factory into a complete installation unit, packed 50 units to a standard box. The principal part is the grip-jaw portion of the assembly, which has a female-thread form in its upper portion. This grip-jaw is die-stamped, with die-cut, toothed-shaped segments facing upward, which contact the underside of the structural member. The second part is the stamped top, which fits flat over the grating upper surface. The body and top are joined by the third part, a 1/4"-20 threaded bolt. This bolt varies in length to suit what is required for the application. MODEL ALGG INFORMATION PAGE VIEW MODEL ALGG ENGINEERING DETAILS