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Model GP attaches parallel grating panelsAttach parallel grating panels to each other.

Model GP-1
Galvanized Carbon Steel

Model SSGP-1
316-Stainless Steel

The model GP- describes an assembly of fastener parts that can be used to fasten parallel grating panels to each other. Top part is a G-Clips unique top for better holding strength and to suit 19W4 grating. Second, a G-Clips patented bottom bar connects between the grating panel underside and projects sideways under the second grating panel. A hex-headed cap screw connects the two, and its length suits the grating height being installed Use of this model can reduce the deflection that often occurs when a single grating panel deflects downward due to traffic, and adjacent but unconnected panels cause an inadvertent trip hazard. By combining the strength of two panels, the load is shared, and deflection is lessened. Used properly, this can reduce trip hazards.

How to install
Model GP- can be installed entirely from above the grating surface. Hold the device by its upper grating fastener top unit, allowing the lower part to hang under the grating surface. Rotate until the lower part projects sideways under the adjacent grating panel. Tighten in place. In the second panel, install a model GG- I companion, tightening onto the projecting piece.

Quantities recommended
Usually these models are used in only a minor quantity, and suited to specific job site conditions.

Ordering information
Available in boxes of 25 assemblies of GP- models only. Also available in boxes of 25 pairs, GP- and GG- I assemblies. These devices are usually in stock and can be shipped same day if ordered before 2:00 p.m. CST.

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